Transforming Wealth Management

Having the information to swiftly navigate the global investment landscape helps put you at the forefront of market opportunities.

Dear Valued Client,

In this issue of UBS Perspectives, I’m excited to announce the launch of several state-of-the-art offerings that are set to transform the wealth management industry in Asia. Each provides you with a new level of support to make our bank more accessible, interactive and responsive.

In March, we launched UBS Advice for our clients in Asia. Supported by a portfolio-monitoring system, this service analyzes individual client portfolios each night and, using a set of health checks, identifies portfol io quality issues and proposes customized investment suggestions. This, in turn, helps to align client portfolios with their chosen investment strategy and the Chief Investment Office (CIO) House View. Furthermore, having the information to swiftly navigate the global investment landscape helps put you at the forefront of market opportunities. This was previously only available to institutional clients.

I am also very pleased to unveil UBS Navigator, which will help you to understand the long-term impact of your chosen investment strategy. Together, with your Client Advisor, you can explore various scenarios in an interactive environment using state-of-the-art methodology. By investigating different possibilities to enhance your investment strategy, we can develop a customized action plan to achieve the financial future you envision.

In May, we will bring our new Swiss e-banking capabilities to Asia. The platform, also optimized for tablets, features a brand new look and offers enhanced security. With this tool, you will enjoy integrated access to CIO & Research publications, online delivery of bank documents and a slim authentication card for login. We anticipate that all of our active e-banking clients will be on the new platform by the third quarter of this year.

Also in this issue of UBS Perspectives, William Kennedy, Head of Investment Products & Services, shares his views on what sets UBS apart from its competitors; and Chief Economist, Andreas Höfert, analyzes the challenges and structural problems facing the Eurozone and the implications for its recovery. We also explore the effects of having a home bias in your portfolio, and why Hedge Fundsand Private Markets could be good investments in 2014.

If you have any questions regarding any of our new offerings, please contact yourClient Advisor. We look forward to helping you realize your financial goals.

Yours sincerely,

Kathryn Shih

CEO, Wealth Management
Asia Pacific

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