Discover the timeless value of Gold

"Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world... it is always accepted.

~ Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Synonymous with wealth and power since the dawn of time, gold remains as alluring and elusive as ever. What is the fascination with this particular element? And where did UBS choose to open its first dedicated repository for precious metals outside of Switzerland?


Today, Asia is by far the largest market for gold.1 Regarded as something tangible that other precious metals and few asset classes can match, its enduring value, scarcity and cultural perception make it irresistible for investors as an excellent choice for portfolio diversification.

While locating gold far below the earth’s surface is difficult, finding a viable way to mine it often proves to be impossible. According to 2012 estimates by the World Gold Council, only 174,100 tonnes have been extracted since records began or – put another way – the same volume as a single cube, each side measuring just 21m. Virtually indestructible and never really consumed – unlike oil and other raw materials – at least there is little risk of it running out; all the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence today.

Gold’s popularity rarely wavers. In periods of economic uncertainty, investors see physical gold as an ideal way to diversify their portfolios and preserve wealth. As its price generally moves independently of interest rates and stock market fluctuations, it provides investors with welcome stability and additional security.

UBS offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire process, from expert advice on purchases and sales to gold trading, and safekeeping of your physical gold assets, which is becoming increasingly popular in Asia.

Discover gold in Singapore

Discover gold in Singapore In May 2013, UBS opened a Physical Gold Custody center at the Singapore Freeport in response to increased demand, particularly from Ultra-High Net Worth clients and Global Family Offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and developing nations in Asia.

The UBS designated vault is a state-ofthe-art, highly secure facility designed to handle shipping and storage of gold with utmost confidentiality and security. Available in both 1kg and 400oz bars, with gold content of 999.9 parts per thousand (the highest available quality), each UBS Gold bar bears a unique identification number.

Why Singapore? Dubbed the ‘Switzerland of Asia,’ it is recognized for its sound economic policies and politically stable environment. Now an established Asia Pacific industry hub for gold and other precious metals, Singapore is one of Asia’s safest places in which to discover the full potential of investing in gold.

With over 80 years of expertise, UBS is one of the world’s largest handlers of physical gold. For specialist advice on purchasing, storing or trading gold, please contact your Client Advisor.