UBS Wealth Management Magazine, Asia Pacific - Issue 20

Delivering excellence in advice Delivering excellence in advice

Welcome to Issue 20 of UBS Perspectives, 14-pages of thought provoking articles that provide a fresh perspective on the world of business and finance.

Meet the artist -
Navin Rawanchaikul
Meet the artist -
Navin Rawanchaikul

Navin Rawanchaikul’s art is known for its big and impactful appearance and humor, which is used to explore notions of cultural identity and national boundaries.

Alex Kobler’s day begins with one prevailing thought: Client performance - how can UBS help clients profit from investment opportunities and understand potential risks amid the rapid churn of global financial markets? At the heart of the solution is a comprehensive investment advisory process that pairs the depth and breadth of UBS’s global expertise with local insights and a best-in-class product platform.

The past year has proved eventful for global financial markets. While the major economies have recovered to varying degrees, investor confidence has succumbed to policy uncertainty and disappointments. In 2014, some of the issues investors have faced will remain in play, as the following articles on the US fiscal debate and Japan’s ‘Abenomics’ explore. Here, Min Lan Tan talks about the overall investment environment and how clients can optimize their portfolios in the year ahead.

The US government shutdown in October brought the world perilously close to another financial crisis. Does the two-year government funding agreement presage a less contentious process for lifting the debt ceiling - or is the budget deal just a temporary ceasefire? Mona Sutphen analyzes the dynamics and presents her outlook for the coming year.

Having seen the success of its first two economic stimulus measures, the Abe administration is now trying to pass reforms that aim to completely lift Japan out of its long era of deflation. One immediate goal is to raise business spending – a prospect that bodes well for Japanese equities.

Synonymous with wealth and power since the dawn of time, gold remains as alluring and elusive as ever. What is the fascination with this particular element? And where did UBS choose to open its first dedicated repository for precious metals outside of Switzerland?

The Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative is a multi-year, three-phase collaboration between UBS and the venerable New York-based Guggenheim Museum.

UBS took part in the prestigious S.E.A. of Luxury Conference in November, held for the first time in Singapore. Hosted by the International New York Times’ iconic International Fashion Editor Suzy Menkes, the conference explored the growing influence of Southeast Asia in the luxury market – as both creator and consumer.

Where in the world are we going?
Embracing change and seizing opportunities.