UBS Wealth Management Magazine, Asia Pacific - Issue 19

Helping you achieve
your financial goals
Helping you achieve
your financial goals

Welcome to Issue 19 of UBS Perspectives, our biggest edition to date with 24-pages of thought provoking articles that provide a fresh perspective on the world of business and finance.

Meet the artist - Cao Fei Meet the artist - Cao Fei

Cao Fei belongs to a new generation of Chinese artists who grew up with video games, the internet and Manga, and who came to maturity in the late 1990s, at the beginning of China’s current economic boom.

UBS Wealth Management CEO Jürg Zeltner has a vision; to set a new benchmark for the wealth management industry. UBS’s recently revamped investment management process combines expert financial know-how and world-class investment capabilities with innovative technology to offer wealthy clients services and products which genuinely add value.

Economists are like everyone else— we tend to extrapolate the recent past into the future, basing projections on what has happened. That’s not always a bad thing. History may not repeat, but human behavior typically falls within predictable bounds that can be gauged by past patterns, for example using ‘regression’ or ‘time series’ analysis.

What’s the key to a good night’s sleep in times of economic uncertainty and unpredictable market fluctations? Paul Stefansson shares his views on how to minimize losses in a volatile market by avoiding the classic mistakes.

Companies are increasingly integrating environmental, social, and governance considerations into their overall business strategy. This allows investors to more easily align their investments with their values, which then provides their portfolios with more endurance over the long term.

In recent months, the topic of hedge funds versus bonds has been a debate among many investors who are asking themselves what to do next. While equities may be one option, Daniel Insunza suggests that hedge funds offer a good alternative for investors seeking stable returns at a low volatility.

Hope is a priceless commodity. By working together, the UBS Optimus Foundation, our partners and our donors support projects that improve the lives of children facing adversity, so they grow up with more hope for the future.

Recognizing the need to help prepare the younger generations of Asian family businesses, UBS seeks to provide useful platforms to assist them to make informed decisions: from their choice of further education to best practices for responsible ownership and management of family wealth.

UBS was in the F1 spotlight during the 2013 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX week in September. Our Global Partnership with Formula 1 provided the opportunity to engage with over 5,000 clients, staff and community partners in Singapore in a variety of unique experiences.

His face is among the most recognizable in the sport, but what is really going on behind his visor at the start of each race? In an exclusive interview,
Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 Formula One World Champion, lifts the lid on what it takes to compete at the very top of his game.