UBS Wealth Management Magazine, Asia Pacific  - Issue 18

Building on a 
stellar performance  
Building on a 
stellar performance  

Welcome to Issue 18 of UBS Perspectives, our biggest edition to date with 24-pages of thought provoking articles that provide a fresh perspective on the world of business and finance.

Meet the artist Meet the artist

Shi Guowei’s work expresses the complicated relationship of his generation to the history of China, and to the history of Western and Chinese art. Using a distinctive visual vocabulary and compositions of paintings from around the world, he makes photographs that create an unstable sense of place and history, both in his choice of imagery and processes.

Helping clients grow their wealth can be a bit like golf, says Kathy Shih, CEO of UBS Wealth Management Asia Pacific. "It’s about setting a goal, determining the right path to get there, staying committed to the shot, then successfully executing it as planned," she says.

Many investment managers focus on developed regions at the expense of those with greater potential for growth. The main reason for this is that emerging markets (EM) have historically been associated with instability and uncertainty regarding economic and political developments.

Wang Tao, Head of China Economics Research at UBS Investment Bank, takes a closer look at China’s economic outlook, highlighting a range of key drivers and insights, such as credit impulse trends, government policy stance, and how property activities, as well as structural reforms, may impact upon future growth expectations.

The Chinese equity market continues to offer attractive opportunities even as the government remains mindful of liquidity conditions and risks at certain key sectors.  Against this backdrop, investors would do well with a selective approach that favors winners from China’s structural reforms.

The stimulus measures of the G4 central banks and the modest recovery of the world’s largest economies are creating conditions that bode well for stock investments. Our Regional Chief Investment Office explores the best ways to position in global equities.

Building wealth is a dynamic process. Paul Stefansson and Ernest Chan discuss some ways in which Asian investors may grow their wealth using a core-satellite approach to manage funds in the current environment.

Japan has awakened. The equity market continues to grab headlines, even after its record-breaking rise since last autumn was interrupted by a sharp fall around the end of May. 

UBS Asset Servicing offers a high degree of transparency at the touch of a button to help shape your investment decisions with greater insights and control.

UBS Wealth Management was named the Best Private Bank in Asia and the Best Private Bank in Hong Kong in their ‘Awards for Distinction’ earlier this year.

Earlier this year UBS Wealth Management APAC launched its biggest ever client education program, UBS Wealth Insights 2013, inspired by UBS’s desire to develop a world-class platform to bring independent, insightful content from global experts and renowned public speakers to its Wealth Management clients.

Known as Le Savanturier (literally scientist-adventurer), and a man increasingly recognised as an inspirational speaker the world over, Dr. Piccard is celebrated for his approach to seemingly insurmountable challenges.