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Alternative investments have grown steadily in the last 30 years with investors taking to this diversified universe to improve income and achieve return objectives. As macro challenges and market volatility are likely to continue, returns from public markets will remain lower than historic averages. Adding alternative asset classes to your portfolios can help navigate difficult times and will remain relevant across cycles.

Change your investment engine

In this environment where beta no longer is the engine of the portfolio, you have to fill that gap somehow with absolute return strategies and this move into alternatives.
Barry Gill, Head of Investments

Alternatives have multiple roles to play in a portfolio

Sovereign wealth funds have told us that the paradigm for investing in alternatives has changed. They expect alternative asset classes to be more than just return boosters; they will have to fulfill multiple roles in a portfolio.
Massimiliano Castelli, Head of Strategy for Global Sovereign Markets

What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments are sometimes called private asset classes because they are not publicly listed in markets.

We can divide the alternative universe into private capital investments and other strategic investments.

Private capital vs strategic investments

Within private capital, these include

Within private capital, these include

Categories under strategic investment

Categories under strategic investment

Within private capital, these include

  • private real estate
  • private equity
  • private debt
  • infrastructure and natural resource investments

Categories under strategic investment

  • hedge funds 
  • commodities
Why allocate to hedge funds?

Why allocate to hedge funds?

Think of hedge funds as possible alternative to fixed income

Real estate as inflation hedge

Real estate as inflation hedge

This is especially so in stagflationary environments. 

Who’s in on alternatives?

We see four major groups of investors:

  • Public pension plans
  • Sovereign wealth fund
  • University endowment 
  • Family office


Allocation to alternatives
for some investors

Ways to access

Alternative investments have traditional been the domain of institutional investors. Historically, many alternative investments have been relatively illiquid, with longer lock-up periods and may have limited opportunities for investors to exit their positions.

In recent years, the set-up of semi-liquid solutions has enabled a broader range of investors to enter the asset class. Semi-liquid solutions offer a compromise, allowing investors to balance illiquidity risk with their liquidity needs and potentially enhance portfolio diversification.

These semi-liquid funds may incorporate features such as redemption rights and periodic liquidity windows.

UBS Asset Management offers a range of semi-liquid real assets and hedge funds for private wealth investors.

Private markets solutions

Global real estate
Infrastructure portfolio
Global Private Equity

Hedge funds

China Long/Short strategy
Global Multi strategy
Neutral Alpha strategy

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  • Endowus
  • Julius Baer
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USB Asset Management: One of the largest managers in alternatives

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    Total investment professionals in alternatives


Fund of hedge fund manager*


years managing real estate

Comprehensive alternative asset classes

Two hedge fund franchises

  • Single-manager hedge fund
  • Multi-manager hedge fund

Real Estate & Private Markets

  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Food and agriculture
  • Multi-manager real estate and private markets

Alternatives House of the Year

UBS Asset Management was awarded Alternatives House of the Year by
Fund Selector Asia in 2022 and 2023 and Best Fund Provider
– Real Assets by Asian Private Banker in 2023.

FSA Singapore awards 2023
FSA Singapore awards 2023
FSA Singapore awards 2023


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