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If you are looking to understand how you can integrate the potential returns and regenerative possibilities of the climate transition into your portfolio but are overwhelmed with the choice, look no further than sustainable index investing.

In today’s uncertain world, these risk-managed and often more cost-effective solutions can provide a distinctive yet straightforward way to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into your portfolio.

Explaining net zero

Watch Lucy Thomas, Head of Sustainable Investing at UBS Asset Management, explain more about the climate challenge, net zero and the opportunities transitioning to net zero offers investors.

Your guide to net zero and beyond

The Green Inflection Point

Find out more about the climate challenge, net zero and what the transition to a lower carbon future offers investors.

Addressing climate risk

Watch Lucy Thomas, Head of Sustainable Investing at UBS Asset Management, explain the importance of being an active owner of capital with an outcomes-based stewardship approach.

Engagement for progress

Watch Lucy Thomas, Head of Sustainable Investing at UBS Asset Management, explain how as shareholders we seek to help companies adapt their business models for success in a low carbon world

Understand your investment options for the journey

There are a wide range of choices when it comes to sustainable index investing. Make passive investing an active choice and explore the options below.

Climate transition and Paris aligned benchmarks

There are two types of climate benchmarks under European Union (EU) regulation that pursue a similar objective but differentiate themselves in terms of their level of restrictiveness and ambition: Climate transition benchmarks (CTBs) and Paris aligned benchmarks (PABs).


EU CTBs allow for greater diversification and can serve the needs of investors in their core allocation.


EU PABs are designed for highly ambitious climate-related investment strategies and are characterized by stricter minimum requirements.

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Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) are types of unsecured debt securities that track an underlying index of securities. Find out more.

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