Feel confident navigating net zero

Deepen your understanding of how sustainable index investing can help position your portfolios for the future.

Sustainable index investing can be a straightforward way of integrating sustainability into your portfolios in a risk-managed way, but there is a wide variety of choices available – from the simple to the sophisticated. We have been helping clients decarbonize their portfolios for many years by constructing sustainable index products and bespoke portfolios, and even solutions that adapt over time.

Progress to net zero

Transitioning to net zero is a huge endeavour that requires action on many fronts: watch UBS Asset Management professionals discuss the issues in our Progress to net zero video series.

    Implementing climate factors into your portfolios

    Browse below for ideas on how you can use index investing to target your sustainable objectives.

    Using Paris-aligned benchmarks to achieve your goals

    Hear investment experts Guido Giese, Global Head ESG & Climate Solutions Research, MSCI Limited and Willem Keogh, Head Passive & ETF Investment Analytics, discuss how investors can decarbonize their portfolios and achieve net zero with Paris-aligned benchmark Exchange Traded Funds.

    Explore the role sustainable ETFs can play in your portfolio

    Davide Guberti and Philippe Kybourg from our ETF & Index Fund Investment Analytics team discuss how a well-constructed sustainable approach can allow investors to achieve ESG improvements while maintaining limited tracking error, irrespective of the short-maturity nature of the credit exposure.

    Partnering together on rules-based investing

    Listen to Ian Ashment, Head of Systematic & Index Investments, talk about how we partnered together with an investment consultant to provide investors with an innovative rules-based solution aimed at mitigating climate-related investment risks while aiming to have a positive effect on society.

    How do you assess climate risk?

    So you have chosen the path for your sustainable index journey, but how do you measure the risks? The Institutional Investors’ Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) has developed a top-down macro view of climate risk combined with bottom-up view at the asset level to help asset owners and managers use scenario analysis as a means of understanding how climate changes can drive financial impact across their portfolios.

    This scenario analysis gives investors a structured way to think about climate change, what an effective climate change scenario analysis can offer, and is a starting point from which the early warning signs can be monitored. By observing these, investors can be better placed to assess which climate scenario is most likely to unfold and position their investment strategy accordingly. In this way, they can optimize emerging opportunities while better managing downside risk.


    Explore insights and education resources on how sustainable index investing can help you achieve your investment goals

    Expand your understanding

    Learn more about the options available with sustainable index investing – from ETFs, to index or rules-based funds to customization.

    Explore innovation

    Hear from innovators in the sustainable index space on the actions they are taking on their decarbonization journey.

    Our sustainable index solutions

    Find out how we can help you invest in progress with confidence with our broad range of sustainable index solutions.


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