Legal and regulatory information

This is prepared by UBS Global Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd and is provided for information purposes only. Under no circumstances is it to be considered as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy.

All applications for units in the Fund must be made on the application forms accompanying the Prospectuses. The prospectus can be downloaded from our website at or obtained from any of our authorised distributors as listed on our website. Investors should read the Prospectus for details. Past performance figures are not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of the Fund. The price of the units may fall as well as rise and cannot be guaranteed.

Investments in the funds are not deposits in, obligations of, or guaranteed or insured by UBS Global Asset Management or their affiliates and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount investment. Investors should note that there are necessarily limitations whenever performance is stated or comparison is made to another fund or index for a period of less than three years and that there are also limitations and difficulties in using any graph, chart, formula or other device in this website to determine whether or not, if so, when to, make an investment in the Fund. Units are not available to U.S. persons.

Risk warnings

Depending on the name and contents of the website, we would like to bring to your attention the following risks:

  • Certain high volatility investments such as derivatives can be subject to sudden and large falls in value which could equal or exceed the amount invested or deposited.

  • When an investment is described as being suitable for an investor seeking income from that investment, income flow may fluctuate and part of the capital may be used to pay that income.

  • Certain specific recommendations may relate to investments that are not readily realisable. This means that it may be difficult for the investor to sell or realise an investment or to obtain reliable information about its value or the extent of the risk to which it is exposed.

  • Where you buy or sell contingent liability investments, you may not only lose all the amount which you invested but may also have to pay more later.