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Asian Consumption Fund

Fund Manager: Namit Nayegandhi

Fund Manager
Namit Nayegandhi

Capability Manager: Projit Chatterjee

Capability Manager
Projit Chatterjee

The UBS (Lux) Equity Fund - Asian Consumption offers access to Asia's growth potential through investments in consumer and consumer-related stocks.

Fund description

  • Actively managed equity portfolio that invests throughout Asia in companies in the consumer staples, consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors.

  • Efficient means of exploiting the potential of companies who offer goods and services to consumers in Asia. The focus lies on those companies who stand to benefit more from Asian consumer growth.

  • Specialised sector analysts seek out the most attractive stocks mainly in the consumer goods and health care sector.

Key benefits


  • Easy access to the consumer sector in the Asian emerging markets.

  • Offers investors broad diversification within the sector.

  • The fund taps into the knowledge of proven sector specialists.

  • UBS's proprietary fundamental valuation approach enables the most attractive consumption companies to be consistently identified.

  • Investors benefit from a global investment platform of UBS Asset Management.

  • Investment decisions are based on a disciplined investment philosophy and careful fundamental research.


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