UBS Multi-Asset Income Fund

Investment objective

The Fund will endeavour to provide a stable and increasing level of income from a portfolio of securities from multiple asset classes.

The UBS Multi-Asset Income Fund launched on 30 October 2009 and sits within the IA Mixed Investment 20% - 60% Shares.

The Fund seeks to provide an income through a diversified portfolio of investments. Whilst capital growth is not a primary consideration, opportunities for growth may occur if market conditions are favourable.

The UBS Multi-Asset Income Fund is managed by our Solutions team. The team has been managing multi-asset portfolios for over 30 years.

  • A multi-asset fund focused on generating income
  • Quarterly income distribution
  • Diversification globally as well as across and within asset classes
  • Offering potential for inflation protection

Investment team

Philip Brides

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 84 KB)

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