The UBS Client Experience

Graphic UBS Advisory Approach

Our continuous advice helps you achieve your financial goals
The Client Experience in UBS provides the framework for your client advisor to focus on your financial objectives. Guided by our four step approach, we ensure that your investment and financial strategies fit your needs and goals at every stage of your life.

We understand
Your client advisor will take the time to listen to you and analyze your expectations and financial goals to enable us to jointly establish your investment profile. The better we understand your individual requirements and aims, investment horizon and risk tolerance, the more accurately we can recommend the most advantageous solution for you.

We propose
Using your profile and risk tolerance analysis, you and your advisor then establish the overall strategy for your asset allocation plan. Your advisor will recommend investment solutions and products to implement your chosen strategy, and also show you the alternatives. This means you can make an informed decision on what best meets your requirements and expectations.

We agree and implement
Together with your advisor, you can now select appropriate products from a wide range of financing and investment options, draw on all the UBS resources, and bring them together into a balanced and effective solution.

We review
Ongoing review of your portfolio development is no less important than the initial asset allocation. This is why we regularly monitor your asset allocation and keep you informed on the progress of your portfolio. If there are significant changes in the financial markets, or if you have new goals or needs, we will review your situation again and adjust the strategy as required.