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Russia: Back at Global Center Stage Russia: Back at Global Center Stage

The paper assesses prospects for Russia's economy and markets beyond the recovery in the energy sector and amid a period of geopolitical realignment.

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UBS Advisory Office in Russia UBS Advisory Office in Russia

We bring expert local advice along with our global platform to address your needs and requirements. You can have local meetings with your dedicated Client Advisors at our Moscow Office. It is part of what we like to call “performance through proximity”. 

Wealth management at UBS. It means listening very carefully even to the things you don’t say.

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Managing your personal finances, growing your business, balancing the challenges of today with the needs of tomorrow can be complex.

We at UBS know how challenging it can be to maintain an overview of the risks and opportunities in today's financial markets. As a reliable, experienced partner with proven expertise and global reach, we assist our clients in navigating the uncertainties and in preserving and growing their wealth.

To help you manage your wealth and achieve your financial goals, it’s important to find a professional wealth manager that really understands you and has the experience and resources to address all your financial needs.

Our vision is to make UBS the choice of clients worldwide. We are committed to being a strong, effective and reliable partner. Above all, we care about succeeding in our promise to our clients: Superior investment advice and solutions for their wealth.

Through our offices in Moscow you can now access our local and global expertise as well as information on financial and investment advice.

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A relationship with UBS means a partnership with a premier global financial firm. Our Swiss banking culture of innovation, discretion and security combines with a longstanding commitment to Russia, and puts your success at the heart of everything we do.