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Swiss equity indices The full suite of Swiss indices

Swiss equity indices

Diversification with just a few transactions: UBS offers a wide selection of ETFs on the Swiss equity market. For example, you can build a diversified portfolio of Swiss share indices and benefit from the opportunities of an attractive market at low cost.

Why Switzerland is a market with a multitude of opportunities

Economic growth and relatively low unemployment, in addition to a stable currency and a number of internationally renowned companies operating in relatively crisis-proof industries: The Swiss equity market is an attractive investment region for domestic and foreign investors alike.

Swiss industries – marked by success

In export markets – notably in high-growth Asian emerging markets – products manufactured in the Swiss watch and metal industries were particularly in demand, above all due to their precision and reliability. Another major advantage is the fact that the Swiss economy is not reliant solely on these core industries. For example, the Swiss machinery and electrical engineering industry is exporting more, as is the food and beverage sector. This diversification makes the domestic economy less sensitive to fluctuations in the global economy.

UBS ETFs on Swiss share indices – attractive due to broad diversification

The wide range of low-cost UBS ETFs on Swiss share indices offers investors a particularly convenient and efficient way to gain diversified exposure to the Swiss stock market.

UBS boasts a wide selection of ETFs on Swiss share indices.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Diversification with just a single transaction: UBS offers a wide range of ETFs on Swiss share indices 
  • A broad range of investment opportunities in a strong economy using UBS ETFs on Swiss blue chips and mid caps
  • Low fees: UBS ETFs on Swiss share indices are among the most cost-effective products on the market
  • Modernized securities lending: Established securities lending program with full collateralization
  • Liquidity on the SIX: Thanks to the cooperation with several renowned market makers, UBS ETFs on Swiss indices enjoy a high level of on-exchange and off-exchange liquidity

One of the most experienced Swiss ETF providers, UBS enjoys a particularly high level of trust on the Swiss market. In addition, UBS ETFs offer a wide selection of products on Swiss share indices – from the absolute blue chips through to the full breadth of the market.

The Swiss top 20 – the SMI

The Swiss benchmark index tracks the performance of the 20 largest and most liquid stocks traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Stocks traded in the SMI represent around 80% of the market capitalization and trading volume of all securities quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange, yet in purely numerical terms, the blue chips contained in the SMI account for only small proportion of the market.

The alternative index – the Swiss Leader

For investors looking to diversify their portfolio, a UBS ETF on the SLI offers an attractive alternative. The special feature of the SLI is that, in contrast to other share indices, its weightings are capped.

While the five largest cap stocks in the SMI have a combined index weighting of around 70% and price fluctuations in these stocks may have a disproportionately strong impact on the value of the index, the weighting cap in the SLI ensures a higher weight of smaller cap stocks in the index, so share price risk is better diversified.

The full breadth of the market – the SPI

The SPI offers optimal diversification opportunities, as a comparison with the SMI clearly demonstrates. The SPI, which is considered the overall index for the Swiss equity market, comprises about 230 stocks – roughly 10 times as many stocks as the SMI – thus allowing for an exceptionally diversified investment.

The happy medium – mid-cap indices (SPI Mid, SMIM)

Investors looking to enrich their portfolios with securities from the mid-cap segment (that is, companies with a mid-range market capitalization) will want to focus on the SPI Mid, for example. UBS is the first to offer an ETF tracking this index, which comprises the 80 largest Swiss mid-cap stocks. For investors seeking exposure to the most liquid mid-cap segment stocks, the UBS ETF on the SMIM comprising 30 stocks is the right choice.

Swiss Equity indices in focus

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