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UBS Fonder Norge

China Opportunity fund focus

Easy access to investment opportunities provided by a rapidly growing Chinese economy. Investors gain access to all classes of shares providing China equity exposure: A, B and H shares as well as Red Chips.




UBS USA Growth Fund

UBS USA Growth Fund offers access to quality, growing US companies where the market price underestimates the magnitude of their growth potential. It is an actively managed equity portfolio investing in selected US companies, particularly in large-cap, growth stocks and is diversified across various sectors. The portfolio is limited to around 35 to 55 stocks picked from a variation of elite, cyclical and classic growth companies.

UBS Bond Euro High Yield Fund

In a low-interest-rate environment, high-yield bonds offer a potentially interesting alternative for yield-oriented investors. Other benefits of this asset class include helping portfolio diversification, offering attractive risk/return characteristics compared to equities, and low sensitivity to interest rate changes.

UBS European Opportunity Unconstrained Fund

The UBS European Opportunity Unconstrained Fund offers access to the European Equity markets via a largely unconstrained portfolio. It is an actively managed equity fund invested mainly in shares of European countries, including stocks of small and medium sized capitalized companies across sectors and countries. It can use investment strategies to take advantage of declining stock prices (short selling).

UBS Equity Biotech fund 

This is where the medicines of the future are made. Whereas in the past it was impossible to treat certain diseases, today many medicines and treatment methods are available. These are developed by biotech companies, which exploit new findings and technological processes.

Economics daily briefing

UBS Investment Bank's senior economist discusses the current issues affecting global economies and financial markets.