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The current M&A environment remains very supportive and is benefiting from cyclical and structural forces that are driving corporate management teams and boards to pursue opportunities.

20 nov 2018
  • The current M&A environment is supportive of merger arbitrage, while over the time the asset class has produced attractive risk-adjusted returns with low beta relative to the other asset classes irrespective of the macro environment for M&A.
  • Cyclical and structural forces are driving corporate management teams and boards to pursue acquisitions.
  • Going into 2019, we believe M&A deal flows will continue to be driven by strong structural and cyclical factors providing a robust investible opportunity set across a range of geographies and sectors.
  • The complex regulatory/political environment is likely to provide enhanced opportunities for dedicated merger arbitrage managers to continue to generate strong absolute and relative risk-adjusted returns going forward.

This article is part of Panorama: Investing in 2019, UBS Asset Management's outlook for the year ahead.

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