Riding a new wave

In the slow-growth 'new normal,' markets will seek investment themes that are not overly dependent on global economic growth. A meaningful proportion of these secular themes can be found in the Emerging Markets.

18 okt 2018

This report presents in-depth research into equity investment opportunities in Emerging Markets from our dedicated investment team.

Using a robust framework that considers demographic, social, and economic trends, the team presents an outlook across countries and sectors that demonstrates attractive opportunities across a range of sectors.

The growth of consumer demand in Emerging Markets is a key theme that underpins a series of secular trends, including rising discretionary spending, premiumization, increasing focus on personal wellness, and the growth of online channels.

Furthermore, this in-depth report also outlines opportunities in the rapidly growing healthcare sector, plus innovation in information technology spaces, the expansion of financial services, and growth in real estate sectors.

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