Your financial goals

Comprehensive planning for your assets and your future

  • Do I reach my financial goals?

  • Am I confident with my financial decisions?

  • Does having to make investment decisions often give me a headache?

  • What do I want to give to my next generation to take along?

  • Is my wealth in a good health – do I have grip on my wealth?

  • Do I get rewarded for the risk I take?

  • Am I aware of all (non-productive) risks?

  • Do I have the flexibility I need?

  • Are my managers and banks delivering on their promises?

A selection of challenging questions you need to answer to ensure that your wealth is structured to achieve your financial goals.

We listen to you. We ask the right questions. We help you to achieve your financial goals. You benefit from our personal advisory service, a first-class product line, excellent reporting and analysis capabilities and the group-wide expertise of a leading wealth manager.
Every client is different and, thus, every investment strategy potentially is. Whether planning for retirement, succession planning or managing the wealth of an entire family, foundation or company; Your UBS client advisor listens and evaluates your needs within the full picture. This is much more than ordinary banking. It is a truly lived client experience.