Imagine the scene: you’re waiting in line with your friends at the checkout. It’s finally your turn, so you get out your credit card to pay by contactless payment... then the payment terminal says: “Balance too low”.

This problem is easy to avoid – without having to reuse the same tea bag five times like Uncle Scrooge just to save a few cents. After all, saving does not mean making sacrifices, but rather being smart with your money.

1. Always stay liquid.

Liquidity is indispensable: take a bottle of fresh tap water wherever you go. It’s more environmentally friendly than buying drinks on the move, as well as being healthier and easier on your wallet.

2. Turn your home into a club.

Organize a private party instead of spending your savings on going out. As bouncer, DJ and bartender you can act as the “master of ceremonies” and decide when it’s closing time. Tip: inform your neighbors in advance.

3. Old rags deserve a new life.

A new style every season? Sure, but you’re setting the trend: give old clothes a creative boost. For example with this great trick: simply take some safety pins and attach a piece of glam fabric to a boring shirt.

4. Let the coin challenge begin.

Whether you prefer one, two or five-franc coins: pick a coin type and throw each one that comes your way into a jar. Once it’s full, pay the sum into your account or treat yourself to something!

5. Shop when others don’t.

It doesn't matter if you don't need a bikini in fall or a snowboard in spring: get hold of things "countercyclically". Because as soon as demand for something decreases, the prices drop through the floor.

6. That’s how smart passengers take the train.

If you buy your SBB tickets online, you can benefit from economy tickets. But what if you jump on the train without a ticket? No need to panic: with the FairTiq app you can buy your ticket as you travel – it’s much cheaper than a fine.

7. Cleaning up is also worthwhile online.

Many online shops increase the price if you often spend a long time looking at an offer. Trick Big Brother: delete your browser data including cache and cookies. The savings effect on air travel is particularly high!

8. Fill your shopping cart – and bye!

Abandon your online shopping cart without proceeding to the checkout and exit the browser. The longer you wait to complete your order, the sooner the shop will lower the prices for you.

9. The last will be first.

The cheapest shopping trip awaits you on a Saturday. Shortly before closing time, staff start sticking the discount stamps on perishable goods – now you can get a lot for half price.

10. Buying cheap products shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment.

Cycle to the nearest farm with a farm shop. What will you find there? Fresh products are often cheaper than in regular stores – and taste even better.

Budget under control

Saving means keeping your income and expenditure balanced. That doesn't necessarily mean creating complicated lists. Simply test our budget calculator.