What counts at university? This sticks with you after you graduate

We asked three graduates what they remember from their studies and how it's helped them.

At the latest when taking your final exams, you're likely to wonder: Is all this even worth it? We asked three graduates what they remember from their student years and how it's helped them.

Tiphaine Marie, fashion blogger

“As a student, I learned to think critically – every topic can be looked at from more than one angle.”

What does someone who's “always excited about a million different things” study? Tiphaine Marie from West Switzerland started out pursuing a degree in product and graphic design. In the end, she completed a bachelor's in English, art history and the social sciences, and then a master’s in fashion media production in London. Drawing on her experience, the successful blogger has come to one clear conclusion – a tip she passes on to current students: “Do more than what’s asked of you and use the opportunity to develop yourself personally.”

Samuel Wenger, Management On AG

“No matter what you experience and learn – don't ever think you can predict your future.”

It seems they do in fact exist: Successful graduates who continue to benefit from their studies. One such is Samuel Wenger. He studied economics, completing a bachelor's at the University of Zurich and a master's at the London School of Economics. He still uses what he learned: “During my studies, I learned skills like logical and strategic thinking.” Today, Wenger is Head of Corporate Finance and Business Development and a member of the Management Team of On AG (the company with the revolutionary performance running shoes).

Prof. Sarah Springman, Rector of the ETH Zurich

“I learned not to give up, to be stubborn and to trust in myself. Yes, I can!”

As a child, Sarah Springman loved to dam up creeks – like most children. But unlike others, her fascination has taken her to the top of her profession. After completing a master's and doctorate in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, the Brit took part in the construction of an 85 meter high dam in Fiji. It still supplies half the electricity for Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island. Springman is happy with her course of studies. It's let her do what she loves. The ETH Rector is convinced “you can only achieve the best results if you do something with passion.”

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