Tips on smarter learning The most common learning myths

Effective learning is crucial for most students. No wonder that more than a few learning myths have taken root.

Learning myth 1: Glucose helps you keep your focus.

Unfortunately, not true. Your blood sugar level does rise, but already after twenty minutes, it falls again. Even lower than before. It would be better if you reached for wholegrain bread and nuts. These foods show your blood sugar level what "balance" means, and can drag you out of an energy slump.

Learning myth 2: You learn better under time pressure.

Wouldn't that be nice? Time pressure belongs as much to student life as an empty refrigerator to a shared apartment. Unfortunately learning under pressure leads to simple memorization. The information learned is not linked and understood logically. So it's not stored in your long-term memory.

Learning myth 3: Taking notes with you laptop is more efficient than by hand.

Good news for luddites: It’s been discovered that you remember something better if you write it down by hand. The reason is writing by hand takes longer. That means we filter what we're listening to and write it down in our own words. In this way, we come to understand and process the information.

Learning myth 4: Someone who doodles during a lecture picks up less information.

In fact, the opposite is true. When you're only listening, your brain gets bored pretty fast. Doodling prevents your thoughts from drifting and your excess energy turning into daydreams. And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover you have an artistic gift.