Location, location, location

Should you consider moving to maximize your retirement savings?

25 Jul 2018

Questions you can ask your UBS Financial Advisor:

  • How does my cost of living compare to other cities?
  • Will I gain anything by moving now, or planning to move once I retire?
  • If I decide to move, where would be the ideal place?

When it comes to saving more for retirement, three factors probably come to mind: working longer, spending less or earning more. But according to our 2018 Prices and Earnings report, there are three other factors you can consider: location, location, location. Because where your family lives—both now and in retirement—can have a big impact on your retirement savings.

Here are a few tips you’ll find in our latest Modern Retirement Monthly (PDF, 559 KB) to help make sure you’re in the right place.

  • Purchasing power may be more important than earnings potential. For example, nurses make 5% more in New York City than in Miami. But New York’s cost of living is 33% higher. That’s a 28% gap in affordability.
  • Living in a more affordable city during your career can boost savings. You will simply have more to invest.
  • Like city living? Consider moving abroad. 80% of retirees live in metropolitan areas, where the cost of living is about 27% higher than it is in rural households.* The good news is that many foreign cities are more affordable. As one example, beautiful Hanoi costs about half as much to live in as Chicago.

Should you make a move? Together we can find an answer. Connect with your UBS Financial Advisor today or find one.


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