Stay-at-home improvement

VIDEO: 5 tips from an interior decorator

05 Jun 2020

Key takeaways

  • An interior designer shares her ideas on making yourself—and your space—more comfortable since you’re spending more time than ever at home
  • These are stay-at-home improvements that you may even want to make permanent
  • Watch the video to see what you can do with your kitchen, family room, bedroom and office that can make a difference

They say home is where the heart is. But it’s also the place where you’re spending quite a bit of time right now, with the whole family. So, how can you make it more comfortable? Interior designer Jackie Higgins offers her tips, room by room, in our latest video for the UBS At Home series. “I try to create a lifestyle for my clients,” Higgins says. And now more than ever, “there’s a return to gracious living.”

Higgins’ tips for stay-at-home improvements

Spice up the kitchen

You’re probably now eating three meals a day in the kitchen. Add color and fragrance with potted herbs. This also saves you a trip to the green grocer. On weekends, take out the china and set a more formal table, so it feels special, like your favorite restaurant.

Freshen the family room

Your family room is probably seeing a lot of video and gaming action. Freshen it up by flipping cushions, and adding pillows and blankets that match your color scheme so when they’re lying around, your room still looks tidy.

Turn the bedroom into a luxury hotel room

Your bedroom is supposed to be where you are the most relaxed. Make your bed every day and iron your sheets, so when you slip into bed, it will feel like you’re at a great hotel.

Create a “home sweet home-office”

Personalize your desk with photos of your family, so you can work surrounded by those you care about.

Make room

Need to make a work space for a child or another adult in the house? Set up a desk in a corner or a nook, so it’s out of the way, but still a personal space.

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