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Introducing 'Flight paths:' Entrepreneurs share insights about their journey

26 Feb 2020

Did you know just 10% of adults in the United States own a business?1 It’s not for everyone.

Entrepreneurs create solutions to problems other people can’t see or haven’t solved. They take financial and social risks, forging a livelihood of their own making, instead of holding what you might call a “regular job.” Entrepreneurs serve the world—and find it rewarding.

Step inside the careers of entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses. How? Why? When? What kind of mindset enables a successful entrepreneur?

In our special report and video series, entrepreneurs from all industries and walks of life openly share their insight and experience with you.

UBS is proud to share a new report telling the remarkable stories of high-achieving entrepreneurs

Watch the entrepreneurs of 'Flight paths,' and be inspired

Candice Carpenter Olson

Candice, the author of a book about transitioning through life’s many chapters, celebrates having learned to dance in the churn of change. She moved from wilderness instructor, to corporate VP, to creator of global businesses like iVillage, to wife and mother, to starting a coffee house brand and other businesses in Aspen.

Ron Gonen

Ron is spending his life creating ways to move us to a “circular economy,” where materials are constantly recycled. He created RecycleBank, worked for New York City as a sanitation commissioner, and then established an investment firm that invests in companies that are building a circular economy.

Female founders

Every day, women entrepreneurs face specific challenges as they start and grow businesses—most need to overcome the “gender funding gap” and more. In another special report, three successful female founders share details about their journey, hoping other women can rise along with them.

Gary Mendell

Gary left his very successful career as a founder of HEI Hotels, and then president of Starwood Lodging Trust, to start, run and grow Shatterproof, the only well-funded national organization working to alleviate the rising addiction problem in the United States, tackling issues state by state.

Bre Pettis

Bre applied his early teaching and artistic skills to leading the creation of the 3D printing industry as founder of MakerBot and author of the viral office poster, The Cult of Done Manifesto. Now, he is building a 21st century manufacturing and innovation center in a 19th century manufacturing town.

Kay Koplovitz

Kay became obsessed in college by the potential for satellite transmission in broadcasting and built her career by launching and then running the satellite cable company, USA Networks. She then founded Springboard Enterprises, a venture capital accelerator for women-led high tech and life sciences companies.

Steve Blank

Steve made use of his Air Force career in electronics to start eight Silicon Valley companies, and then went on to transform how universities and learning institutions around the world teach entrepreneurship with his Lean Launchpad and I-Corp programs.

Barbara Roberts

Barbara interviewed the entrepreneurs of 'Flight paths' and wrote the report. A serial entrepreneur, Barbara’s now an adjunct professor and Entrepreneur in Residence at both Columbia and Hofstra Universities.

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