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23 Sep 2019

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  • This time of the year can be hectic. What should you focus on?
  • How can gift-giving, healthcare and philanthropy help you end the year strong?
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Time to share your horn of plenty.

This time of year can be hectic and it will be gone before you know it. Here are some topics to help you take advantage of any remaining opportunities and finish the year strong!

Healthcare and Medicare

For many investors, this time of year means selecting your healthcare coverage for the upcoming year. Give your coverage an annual checkup to ensure you've elected the most optimal policy for your situation. Also consider tapping into a triple tax advantage by increasing you Health Savings Account contributions.


It's year-end, which means it's time to decide how much you're planning to gift this year. As a complement to more thoughtful (and fun) gifts, consider gifting assets. The annual gift tax exclusion amount is exempt from the total amount of taxable gifts made during the year These transfers can be made in several different forms including cash, stocks, or property.


In addition to “Black Friday" and “Cyber Monday," the holiday season has also now given us “Giving Tuesday." While the first two revolve around commercial activity, the last focuses purely upon philanthropic endeavors. Its emergence as a new holiday tradition serves as a helpful reminder that charitable giving can provide benefits to those who receive the donations—as well as those who make them.

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