What do millennial must-haves cost around the world?

The answer might surprise you. Learn more in the UBS Chief Investment Office’s Prices and Earnings 2018 study.

12 Jun 2018

Many things have been written about millennials—from their love of selfies and avocado toast to their tech-fueled habits and lifestyle.

While conducting the Prices and Earnings 2018 study, our strategists in the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) thought: Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much the typical millennial shopping basket costs around the world?

So they put together a few things that Generation Y might use (with a few cheeky additions) as "millennial must-haves" in 2018: an iPhone, a laptop, a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a Netflix subscription, a cup of coffee, a Big Mac as a late-night craving and, of course, avocados.

CIO chose 11 cities from around the world for comparison:

Among their findings:

  • Surprisingly, one of the world’s most expensive cities, Hong Kong, is at the bottom of CIO’s list when it comes to millennial goods. For example, the price of an iPhone in Hong Kong is $1,097, only $9 more expensive than in New York, which offers the lowest iPhone price on CIO’s list.
  • If you've read CIO’s story, "What living abroad will cost you in these 13 cities," you know that Buenos Aires is an affordable place for expats. When it comes to the millennial must-haves, however, the Argentinian capital is actually the most expensive city on CIO’s list. The iPhone X is the culprit: It costs a whopping $2,244 there.
  • In Zurich, the iPhone has the third-cheapest price tag on CIO’s list, dropping the expensive Swiss city to fifth place overall. But millennials there will have pretty empty pockets after paying the highest prices for their jeans, Netflix and coffee.

Explore the full rankings for "millennial must-haves" to learn more.

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