Women entrepreneurs: redefining expectations

These female founders are breaking down barriers. Read their stories in Business owner insights.

28 May 2019

Whether you’re a new business owner seeking inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs, looking to support the next generation of business owners or simply passionate about how women are changing the entrepreneurial landscape, there is no better time to get involved.

Women today are starting businesses at a rate 1.5 times the national average and hold increasing purchasing power.1 Yet, females still face specific challenges as they start and grow their own businesses.

In the latest issue of Business owners insights: Lessons learned from female founders, (PDF, 2 MB) you'll read the stories of three female founders of early-stage companies who are disrupting industries and making strides in building companies, growing revenue and raising capital—against the odds:

  • Christine Schindler, co-founder and CEO of PathSpotTM Technologies, which protects restaurants and customers from the threat of food-borne illness, and CEO of the nonprofit Girls Engineering Change
  • Muhga Eltigani, founder and CEO of NaturAll Club, a subscription service delivering organic hair products
  • Tina Hedges, founder and CEO of LOLI Beauty, the first zero-waste, water-free, organic beauty brand

These women are participants in Project Entrepreneur, a philanthropic initiative that aims to increase the pipeline of female building high-growth companies.

In addition to offering insights from these entrepreneurs, the report also features advice from a venture capital leader who invests in technology startups led by women that are solving the world’s biggest problems.

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