Safeguarding investments as you age

Protect against financial abuse. Follow these common-sense tactics.

Questions you can ask your UBS Financial Advisor

  • How can I protect my investments as I age?
  • What are the best tactics to avoid financial/elder abuse?
  • What actions can I take today?

Financial abuse targeting the aging population is on the rise. While your bank and government policies constantly work to curb financial fraud and elder abuse, you can focus on key areas to improve your safety.

  • Longer lifespans lead to more cognitive challenges
  • A trusted financial advisor helps defend against fraud and abuse
  • Self-awareness helps you plan the right path forward

Living longer than ever

Elder abuse is on the rise for several reasons. The rise of new technologies coupled with an aging population make scams more prevalent and easier to execute. Social Security, Medicare and tax scams are common.

Putting an advisor in place helps mitigate financial risk

A trusted financial advisor can act as a first line of defense against fraud and elder abuse. When your advisor knows you and your investment goals, he or she can easily spot irregular activity. Speak with an advisor to learn more about how he or she protects clients from fraud and abuse from friends and relatives.

Staying aware of limitations is vital

Financial fraud against seniors costs at least $3 billion per year. Don’t “cross that bridge when you get there.” Instead, take a proactive approach to protecting your financial plan so you can live with grace and dignity, while enjoying your money and not worrying about losing it.

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