And the winner is…

Read our strategists' predictions for the 2018 World Cup

13 Jun 2018

Germany, Brazil or Spain.

The likelihood of one of these three teams winning the World Cup is 60%, according to the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO). With the tournament upon us, our global investment strategists have taken the modelling skills they use in their day job to predict the outcome.

Which soccer nation has the highest odds of winning? Which teams could cause an upset? Find out by exploring CIO's interactive webpage for the 2018 World Cup, which features:

  • CIO's projections for the tournament
  • Five games worth watching (regardless of your team affiliation)
  • The economic tools and statistical models CIO used to estimate likely outcomes

Learn more: Download the full report, "Investing and football (PDF, 2 MB)," to view the results of CIO's modeling exercise for all 32 participating teams. You'll gain perspective on:

  • What investors can learn from successful soccer teams
  • Factors that can make the tournament an economic success for the host nation
  • The potential opportunities of investing in Russia

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