Our CEO on what makes a billionaire

UBS Group CEO Sergio Ermotti says passion is what drives our clients' success.

18 Oct 2017

Since taking the helm of UBS in 2011, UBS Group CEO Sergio Ermotti has led the successful push to make our organization one of the world's leading wealth managers. Today, UBS Global counts a large portion of the world's billionaires as clients.* So what has Ermotti learned working with such a distinguished group?

"It’s always fascinating to hear how they became so successful. When you look at billionaires, many of them share one characteristic: They were not born billionaires," Ermotti says. "The main lesson for me is that with passion, focus, vision, determination, you can do a lot.

"You see a lot of passion for what they do. And the same level of focus. It’s quite clear that it’s not all about money. Of course some people care about that, but at the end of the day, they enjoy what they do."

Ermotti shared these and other insights in an interview with Bloomberg Markets , in which he discusses a wide range of topics, from his strategic vision for UBS, to the role of innovation in driving the future of investing for clients.

For more insights, read the full interview .

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