Cryptocurrencies. Beyond the hype.

Insights on the bitcoin craze and blockchain

12 Dec 2017

Exuberance about cryptocurrencies has never been higher. The most popular of them, bitcoin, spiked above $19,000 one day in early December, only to tank nearly 18% the following day, ahead of the cryptocurrency futures beginning to trade. At one point, bitcoin's price was up an astonishing 1,500%. So, what exactly is bitcoin and what is behind its meteoric rise? Will cryptocurrencies ever go mainstream? And is it too late—or advisable—to get in?

In a three-part interview with UBS Wealth Management Americas On-Air Host Anthony Pastore, two of our leadings strategists demystify the world of cryptocurrencies and discuss the applications of their underlying "blockchain" technology. Tune in to learn more about:

  • Blockchain—what it is and its applications to specific sectors
  • Bitcoin—how it works and what's behind the frenzied activity of late
  • The potential bubble we may be seeing in cryptocurrency valuations

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