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We are responsible

At UBS, corporate responsibility means 'doing the right thing' both now and in the future.

This applies to our responsibility as an organization and our behavior as individuals. It also means that our products and services support our clients in addressing today's societal challenges and achieving their (financial) goals at the same time.

We understand that to be taken seriously as a responsible corporate citizen takes time, and that a solid track record is crucial.


Diversity & inclusion

We believe that companies with diverse workforces and inclusive work environments excel in understanding and serving clients. In all our businesses, we seek to hire and retain a broad range of talent with diversity in race, gender, business experience, perspective, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, abilities, education, and sexual orientation.

Our performance- and development-oriented culture is based on integrity, collaborating across the firm and challenging the status quo to develop better solutions for our clients and colleagues. To promote sustainable performance, we must attract and recruit talented individuals, support their ongoing development and leverage their skills to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

We recognize that people are able to give their best when they can balance various aspects of their lives – professional and private. Our aim, as a responsible employer, is to create a family friendly environment by giving support and assistance to employees, who are or plan to be parents, such as additional benefits and vouchers, flexible working arrangements or workshops for parents.

The networks help build relationships across our businesses and an open climate where employees feel their values are welcomed in a professional capacity.

Women's Business Network - the aim of the organization is to support networking, mentoring and promoting leadership role models among women.

Cultural Awareness Network - our mission is to raise awareness and promote cultural integration and exchange between  employees.

Family Care forum - enables employees to exchange, create and access family-related projects and regulations.

Ability - a program which aims to identify and dispel myths, stereotypes, and common misperceptions concerning people with disabilities and also to share "best practices" with business and local society in the field of disability.


Community Affairs

We aim to overcome disadvantage by supporting education and entrepreneurship in our local communities, through a strategic combination of funding and the commitment and skills of our employees. Working hand in hand with our partners gives us a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the communities we do business in. Based on this, we can deliver long-term, sustainable and measurable benefits to these communities.

UBS offers a variety of volunteering opportunities for employees. In 2014 we run together 27 social projects, involving 275 volunteers from UBS in Krakow, who helped directly 802 persons – children, people with disabilities, unemployed and young entrepreneurs. All UBS employees are entitled to take two days leave per year to undertake charitable, volunteer activities.


Go Green

By educating and increasing awareness among employees on environmental matters, we hope to help them behave in a sustainable way both at work and at home. UBS supports different kinds of eco-events, initiated by our employees, i.e. Clean Up the World, Bike Day or Re-fresh your wardrobe.

We invest in your skills

Find out more about learning and development opportunities

We strive for excellence in all we do, and this begins with our employees. We are committed to helping our employees develop their skills and careers while at the same time giving them the framework they need to meet our clients' evolving needs.

Our approach

At UBS, we take an integrated approach to managing our talent. This allows us to link our recruitment, diversity, learning, mobility, performance management, talent review, compensation and succession practices in the most meaningful way. Our efforts focus on giving our employees and leaders what they need to excel in their roles, progress in their careers, and ultimately create value for our shareholders.

Training is a key part of our talent management process. Our Group-wide learning and development course offerings encompass senior leadership development, business education and practical training measures for employees at all levels.

Business education

We actively develop our current and future leaders. We focus especially on strengthening their ability to lead people in line with our principles and to implement our strategy. We also place particular emphasis on training that enables our businesses to achieve their goals. For example, in Wealth Management Americas, select candidates for financial advisor roles are hired into a two-year, salaried training program that enables them to obtain relevant licensing, training and practical experience in a US branch office before joining a team as a full financial advisor.

Most of our business education is offered through specific learning pathways. Sequential courses in areas such as risk, compliance, sales, advisory and financial markets help ensure consistent training across similar job roles.

All employees can access development opportunities on the job and through eLearning and targeted training programs, as well as through customized training and coaching. Employees are also expected to consider career and skill development opportunities as part of the firm’s performance management process.

Our eLearning portfolio consists of more than 5,100 courses on topics such as communication skills, management and leadership, financial markets and IT. In 2013, our global employee population participated in about 776,000 development activities, including approximately 512,000 mandatory training sessions focusing on compliance and regulatory topics. This equated to an average of 12.5 training experiences per employee or an average of 2.5 training days.

We are team players

Let's explore our passions together!

GetTogether! Committee

The Get Together! Committee was established in order to allow and facilitate the opportunities to explore our passions and what is the most important to do it together!

The Committee consists of employee representatives from various departments who influence and manage:

  • Office and outdoor parties
  • Sports Clubs formed by employees
  • Purchase of tickets to artistic, cultural, and sporting events
  • Trips and excursions
  • Upgrading office space (relaxation space, entertainment, and recreation equipment such as table football)

As a part of the UBS, you will have an opportunity to directly influence these social, cultural and sports activities via your representative in the committee.

Sports Clubs

Keen on sports? UBS is home to the following clubs that are always looking for new members:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Go-carting
  • Horseback Riding
  • Trekking
  • Running
  • Swimming