Our offering

What makes UBS an attractive place for you based on your career seniority


UBS as an employer

UBS offers talented individuals around the world a challenging, diverse and supportive working environment in which passion, commitment and hard work are valued and rewarded.


  • An extensive training and development program to help you excel in your role and to shape your long-term career path with us
  • A tailored leadership program to take your managerial skills to the next level
  • Attractive reward packages
  • Standard benefits such as medical insurance, sports card and other UBS-specific extras

Internship Program

  • Paid internship which starts with a 2-day onboarding induction program
  • Real on-the-job experience supported with an attractive training package
  • Program coordinator from HR and a „buddy“ in the team who will answer all your questions
  • Perspectives for permanent role – the best interns become our first-in-line candidates
  • Internship will last 3-6 months with a possibility of extension 

Recruitment process

Tailor your application to the specific role you are interested in

  1. The recruitment process starts with an online application. To increase your chances as a candidate for a specific role, the best approach is to tailor your application to the specific role you are interested in.
  2. If you meet the key requirements of the role, the next step will be a phone interview. You can expect questions about your professional background, interests and salary expectations.
  3. Selected candidates will have an interview with a hiring manager, recruiter and/or HR specialist. For more senior roles, you can expect up to three interview sessions before the final decision is made. As many of our roles are unique compared with other companies in Poland, do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the role and career opportunities during any stage of the recruitment process.

All candidates who apply are informed about next steps or our final decision.


We are searching for talent


Roles for professionals

In UBS we are offering variety of roles within different departments.
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Internship Program

Our Internship Program supports emerging talents and inspires young professionals.
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