Most Wealthy Investors Expect to Live Until 100

Most Wealthy Investors Expect to Live Until 100

On average, 53% of wealthy investors around the world expect to reach age 100, according to UBS's most recent Investor Watch survey. This is considerably higher than the 80-year life expectancy in most developed countries today. Despite the fact that women worldwide live longer than men, both genders have the same expectation of living to 100.

The outlook for longevity varies by region and country. In continental Europe, more than two-thirds of wealthy investors expect to live to 100. In Asian countries, about half think they will reach that age. In the U.K. and U.S., this expectation is significantly lower, with less than a third of investors expecting to reach the century mark.

Waiting for one hundred

Percentage of investors who expect to live to 100


I am expecting either my wife or myself to live into our nineties.
- U.K., Male, 60
I want to optimize my current health and improve my longevity.
- Switzerland, Male, 43