Longevity is Changing Investors' Behavior

Longevity is Changing Investors' Behavior

Nine in 10 investors are taking steps in response to increasing life expectancy such as adjusting spending habits and financial plans, and allocating their wealth to long-term investments, according to UBS's most recent Investor Watch survey. In addition to real estate and equities, cash surprisingly rounds out the top three asset classes for long-term investing.

Investors who expect to live longer are the most likely to make financial changes. Those least likely are in the U.S. and the U.K., where less than a third of investors count on a 100-year life.

Longevity impacts investing, planning and spending

Percentage who are making financial changes by country

I would invest a larger amount of money over the next 20 years so that it would generate sufficient income to maintain my lifestyle for more years and not have to worry in the future.

– Mexico, Male, 30

I have changed my investment strategies so that my returns can support me for a longer period of time.

– Singapore, Male, 65