Health is More Valuable than Wealth

Health is More Valuable than Wealth

Being healthy is the top priority and the top concern for wealthy investors, according to UBS's most recent Investor Watch survey. In fact, 90% say investing in their health is more important than growing their wealth.

Investors believe their wealth is a primary reason for their well-being. A full 92% say their wealth enables them to live a healthier life. Not only do they spend on doctors’ visits and insurance premiums, but preventive services are also popular. Investors spend significantly on gyms, coaches, supplements and other “lifestyle” expenses. Millennials tend to spend more on these services than other generations.

Health over wealth


Direct vs. preventive health expenses by country


All is well when you have enough money to spend, but health is the most important thing.
- Taiwan, Male, 34
I see my doctor many times a year to monitor my health and have a regular comprehensive physical exam.
- Switzerland, Female, 52