Entrepreneurship Section

Among wealthy investors, being an entrepreneur is increasingly popular

When wealthy investors were growing up, few considered owning a business to be the most respected career path. Over time, however, entrepreneurship has grown in stature and popularity.

Half of wealthy investors believe owning a business is one of the most prestigious careers to pursue, now and in the future. Most also believe that investors just starting a career would rank entrepreneur at the top of the list.

Entrepreneurs are growing in prestige

To be a business owner takes courage, passion, a tolerance for ambiguity, creativity and a deep belief in yourself to be successful.
– Female, 32
I have seen some friends who started businesses that have blossomed, and I wonder if that could have been me. They are happy and love what they do.
– Male, 37

...and many investors believe now is the time to
own a business

Bolstered by a favorable environment for business—and drawn by the prospect of being their own boss—58% of today’s wealthy investors would consider starting a business. Their outlook on the economy is the highest it’s been since the financial crisis (72% highly optimistic), while recent tax and regulatory reform have made the idea of owning a business even more attractive.

Conditions are ripe for business

Now that the economy is picking up and consumer confidence is on the rise, I feel more secure in pursuing a business venture.
– Male, 40
Independence, challenges, growth potential, giving employment to others and community involvement are the most rewarding aspects of running a business.
– Male, 63