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UBS Investor Watch analyses issues faced by millionaires. In each edition, we take an in-depth look at a current issue affecting high net worth individuals and their plans for the future.

The idea of living a century was once confined to science fiction. But no longer. For the world’s wealthy, living a 100-year life is not an outcome they consider a mere possibility. It’s one they expect.

UBS Investor Watch UK 2017

Is unpredictability the new normal?

Here we examine how UK millionaires are responding to what they feel is the most unpredictable age in history. We have analysed how UK investors feel about uncertainty and what they are doing in response.

UBS Investor Watch UK 2016

Why should I retire?

Our survey results show that 'work' and 'retirement' are no longer viewed as separate and distinct phases of life. Increasingly, investors are embracing a long transition – which might last between the ages of 50 and 85…or even beyond.

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