Back to work?

We’re happy! Join us in Switzerland, the UK, the US or India

In the program you'll

  • be hired into a permanent position from day one. We're looking for real talent for real roles.
  • be part of a class and support system of people who go through the program together.
  • start with a multi-day on-boarding program gets you up to speed on UBS and the financial industry – including knowledge that will be relevant for your role – so you can navigate our business and technology platforms and make a fast, positive impact. All this happens before your first day on the job.
  • be part of bi-monthly peer/group coaching sessions facilitated by an experienced coach.
  • be paired with a mentor who will accompany you through the program.
  • have a buddy who'll make sure that your first weeks on the job go smoothly and that you easily transition into your role and the team.

You immediately have a network.



From March 25: Online application

May 17: Applications close

*by invitation only

May 24: Insights event*

June 17: Start onboarding program


From March 1: Online application

*by invitation only

May 10: Insights event*

June 17 to 21: Onboarding program

June 24: First day on the job

United Kingdom

From March 1: Online application

June 10 to 14: Onboarding program

June 17: First day on the job

United States

From March 4: Online application

*by invitation only

April 30: Insights event*

June 17 to 20: Onboarding program

June 21: First day on the job