2016 & 2017 Global conferences calendar





March 14 – 15 EIFFEL 2017 Utilities Conference Utilities London
March 15 – 16 European Oil Conference Oil London
March 16 Engineering and Construction 1x1 Conference  Engineering New York
March 23 Industrials 1x1 Conference Industrials Boston
March 29 – 30 Quant Conference Quant London
March EMEA Corporate Day EMEA Singapore
April Small Mid-Caps Corp. Day Small & mid caps Hong Kong
April 11 – 12 HK/CN Property Conference Real Estate Hong Kong
April 25 – 26 ASEAN Conference ASEAN New York
May 5 Communications IR 1x1 Conference   New York
May 8 – 9 A-Share Conference China New York
May 15 – 16 Latin America Consumer Conference Consumer New York
May 16 – 18 Pan European Small & Mid Cap Conference Small & Mid Caps London
May 22 – 24 Global Healthcare Conference Healthcare New York
May 22 – 25 Global Oil & Gas Conference Oil & Gas Austin
May 24 – 26 LVMC Thailand   Bangkok
May 25 Autos & Auto Products 1x1 Conference Autos New York
May Lodging 1x1 Conference Lodging New York
May Industrial Technology Symposium Industrials San Francisco
May Financials 1x1 Conference Financials Boston
June 1 West Coast Utilities 1x1 Conference Utilities San Francisco
June 6 – 7 Chemicals Conference Chemicals London
June 19 – 21 Korea Conference Korea Seoul
June 21 – 23 Taiwan Conference Taiwan
June 22 Utilities 1x1 Conference Utilities Toronto
June 27 – 29 EMEA LatAm One-on-One Conference EMEA & LatAm London
June India Mid-Cap Conference India Mumbai
June Pan Asian Telco Conference Telco Hong Kong
June Asian Consumer Conference Consumer Hong Kong
July Disruptive Innovations in Insurance Insurance London
July 31 – August 1 Latin America Infrastructure Conference Infrastructure New York
August 8 - 9 Americas Financial Services Conference Financials Chicago
August 9 – 11 Genomics 2.0 Summit   Park City
September 7 – 8 Best of Americas Conference Americas London
September 11 – 12 European Transport & Leisure Conference Transport & Leisure London
September 13 Support & BusinessServices Conference Support & Business Services London
September 13 – 14 Best of Germany Conference Germany New York
September 14 - 15 Best of Switzerland Switzerland Ermatingen
September 28 Power & Utilities 1x1 Conference Utilities Dallas
September Global Chemicals & Paper and Packaging Conference Chemicals, Paper New York
September Houston "Bus-less" Tour   Houston
September FinTech 1x1 Conference Technology New York
September Nordic Financial Services Conference Financials Stockholm
September China A-Share Conference China Shenzhen
October South Africa Tomorrow South Africa New York
October South Africa Conference Week South Africa South Africa
October 11 IT Expert: Equity Investor Technology Day Technology New York
November 14 – 15 UBS European Conference Global London
November 14 – 16 Global Technology Conference Technology San Francisco
November 14 – 16 Industrials and Transportation Conference Industrials and Transportation Key Biscayne
November 28 – 29 Global Real Estate Conference Real Estate London
November 28 – 30 Global Emerging Markets One-on-One Conference Emerging Markets New York
November 29 German Senior Investor Conference Germany Munich
November Building & Building Products CEO Conference Building & Building Products New York
November UBS Investment Compass 2017 Financials Stockholm, Milan, Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels
November Australasia Conference Australasia Sydney
November Asia Energy, Chemicals & Utilities Conference Energy, Chemicals & Utilities Hong Kong
November India Conference India Mumbai
December GEM Conference GEM New York
December 4 - 6 45th Annual Global Media and Communications Conferencee Media and Communications New York
December Reinsurance 1x1 Conference Insurance New York
December Equipment Rental 1x1 Conference Equipment New York
December Agriculture 1x1 Conference Agriculture Chicago

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