Sustainable Investing

Invest for returns and drive change through sustainable investing

Your values define you. But do your investments reflect who you are? As a global leader in sustainable investing, we can help your portfolio live up to your principles, without compromising performance. So your investments don’t only say good things about you, they do good for everyone.

Can my investments make an impact to the world?

What if you could do well financially while doing good in the world? With sustainable investing, you can invest in ways that reflect your values without compromising the opportunity to seek attractive returns on your money. Here's how…

How can my investments reflect my values?

As a global leader1 2 in sustainable investing, we can help your portfolio reflect your values, while seeking to maintain returns. So the investments you make don’t just say good things about you, they do good for everyone.


UBS named leader in sustainability

We’ve done it again. For the fourth straight year, UBS outperformed the industry in the most widely recognized sustainability rating for large, listed companies. We scored more than twice the average of other financial companies in the evaluation by
RobecoSAM. It’s another example of our bold ambition to drive change that matters.
For clients, employees, investors and society as a whole.

Three main ways to invest sustainably


This involves removing assets from your investment portfolio that don't reflect your values, such as investments in weapons and tobacco.

ESG (environmental, social and governance) integration

ESG integration involves including ESG factors in your investments to potentially improve your returns and reduce your risks. It also allows you to reflect your values in your portfolio. For example, you can invest in companies that focus on environmental (for example, reducing pollution), social (such as human rights) and governance (for example, stopping corruption) issues and opportunities.

Impact investing

Impact investing involves making a difference in ways you can measure while potentially growing your money. Impact investments tend to be in private markets, such as private equity and debt, venture capital and infrastructure.

What difference can I make?

What your investments achieve depends on how you invest, such as whether you choose the exclusions, ESG integration or impact investing approaches. For example, ESG integration looks at potentially improving your portfolio’s risk and return while matching your investments to your values. Meanwhile, impact investing aims to make sure every investment achieves a measurable and verifiable social impact as well as financial return.

What can it do for my money?

Think investing sustainably means missing out on growing your money? Think again. Evidence shows sustainable investment returns have historically been comparable to conventional ones3 4. For example, a review of academic research found that investing sustainably improves returns or doesn't harm them3. So it's little surprise the global sustainable investment market is growing5.

How can my investments help change the world?

Some sustainable investors want to help shape the world, from alleviating poverty and hunger to combating climate change and injustice. The extent of the impact depends on the ambition and nature of your investment, whether you choose exclusions, ESG integration or impact investing.

One way you can get involved is to support the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN aims to make the world a better place by 2030. It's doing this through 17 SDGs, covering everything from clean energy to zero hunger. You can help play a part in helping the UN achieve its goals by investing sustainably.


Why choose UBS?

When investing sustainably, it's good to do it with people who want to set the agenda for these investments.

That's UBS. We want to shape the future of sustainable investing. Why? We're confident sustainable investing will soon become the world's most widely accepted way of investing. As a leader in sustainable investing1 2, we feel responsible for helping change things for the better.

We are committed to helping you make a difference globally.

Sustainable investing with UBS

Maybe, like Paul Simon, you would like to invest in a sector you care deeply about. At UBS, we support the UN’s SDGs by setting up partnerships and we continue to unveil sustainable investment offerings. We can work together with your to create a sustainable future that strives to benefit people, the planet, and profit.

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1 'UBS AG was named "Best Services for Philanthropy and Social Impact Investing," by Euromoney, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and named the "Industry Group Leader in Sustainability for the Diversified Financial Services sector" by Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2015, 2016
'Accolades are independently determined and awarded by their respective publication. For more information on a particular rating, visit their corresponding website. Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. nor its employees pay a fee in exchange for these ratings. Past performance is not guarantee of future results.
3 'ESG and financial performance: aggregated evidence from more than 2000 empirical studies', Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, Gunnar Friede, Timo Busch, Alexander Bassen, 2015 
4 'Introducing the Impact Investing Benchmark', Global Impact Investing Network and Cambridge Associates, 2015 
'GSIA Global Sustainable Investment Review', 2016 ("In the period since the last report was released, the global sustainable investment market has continued to grow, and in most of the regions covered by GSIA’s member organizations, its share of professionally managed assets has also grown.")

ESG/Sustainable Investing Considerations: Sustainable investing strategies aim to consider and in some instances integrate the analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment process and portfolio. Strategies across geographies and styles approach ESG analysis and incorporate the findings in a variety of ways. Incorporating ESG factors or Sustainable Investing considerations may inhibit the portfolio manager's ability to participate in certain investment opportunities that otherwise would be consistent with its investment objective and other principal investment strategies. The returns on a portfolio consisting primarily of ESG or sustainable investments may be lower or higher than a portfolio where such factors are not considered by the portfolio manager. Because sustainability criteria can exclude some investments, investors may not be able to take advantage of the same opportunities or market trends as investors that do not use such criteria. Companies may not necessarily meet high performance standards on all aspects of ESG or sustainable investing issues; there is also no guarantee that any company will meet expectations in connection with corporate responsibility, sustainability, and/or impact performance.

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