Change that lasts

Working together for equality

This year, International Women's Day is encouraging everyone to join forces for gender equality, through its #PressforProgress campaign. And one of the United Nations' big sustainable development goals is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

At UBS, we share these goals. But we know we'll only get there by working together. So we're teaming up with some of the world's brightest minds to help shape a future where everyone can thrive.

From small beginnings, people worldwide are doing great things globally. Check out these stories of unique individuals we're collaborating with to create lasting change.


Switched on to diversity:
Janneke Niessen

Janneke is co-founder of InspiringFifty, which aims to make the technology sector more diverse. She also created Project Prep: a book about coding and entrepreneurships, tailored to girls. It’s why she’s such a great fit for our brand campaign. Find out why she thinks diversity is so important.

Putting gender on the agenda:
Michael Kimmel

"The world's most prominent male feminist." That's how the UK's Guardian newspaper described Michael Kimmel, Sociology and Gender Studies professor, best-selling author, and member of the UBS Unique Advisory Board. Discover why he believes gender equality is good for everyone.

Finding your voice:
Elissa Freiha

Elissa Freiha is a co-founder of WOMENA, a Dubai-based angel investment platform that empowers and educates women to invest in tech start-ups in the Middle East. Elissa is also a prominent public speaker and has participated in UBS panels on creating lasting change. Discover how she found her voice and took on the world. 

Bridging China’s generation gap:
Angelica Cheung

As the first editor of Vogue China, Angelica Cheung challenged perceptions and bridged generation gaps to lead the celebrated title to success. That’s why we’re collaborating with her on our UNLIMITED platform.

Investing in female leaders:
Jenny Abramson

Jenny Abramson is helping change the world by investing in female leaders with her venture capital firm, Rethink Impact. And UBS helped raise over $110 million for its fund. Find out how we're tackling some of the world's biggest challenges.

Zipping toward innovation:
Bimla Picot

When Bimla Picot recognized an opportunity to solve a friend's health problem, she founded Reboundwear – adaptive athletic wear. As part of UBS's Project Entrepreneur, Bimla participated in a five-week accelerator program to help advance her business.

Doing well by doing good:
Jennifer Grove

Jennifer Grove is a female founder on a mission to reduce waste while bringing joy to people. Jennifer's company, Repeat Roses, repurposes and distributes floral arrangements from major events to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers and shelters.


Unleashing potential:
Analisa Balares

Analisa is CEO and founder of Womensphere, which empowers women and girls through education in leadership, entrepreneurship and STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). Discover how she's unleashing female potential.

"At current rates of change, it will take 217 years for the world to achieve basic gender equality." 

The Global Gender Gap Report 2017

Educating to empower:
Safeena Husain

Safeena Husain and her organization, Educate Girls, empowers out-of-school girls in rural India. UBS Optimus Foundation worked with Educate Girls and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation to launch the world's first development impact bond in education. Check out the results so far.

Breaking the code:
Mariéme Jamme

Mariéme is founder of iamtheCODE: a movement that's teaching computer programming to marginalized girls worldwide. Discover how Mariéme, investors and UBS are putting young women at the heart of the global economy.

Women in finance:
Sherry and Jacqueline

Meet UBS colleagues, Sherry and Jacqueline. Both work in an all-female team of financial advisors in New York. Together, they hope to promote financial literacy for women – by collaborating with one of our women's networks.


Sunshine saving lives:
Laura Stachel

Laura Stachel is co-founder of We Care Solar, which helps prevent maternal and newborn deaths by bringing reliable solar electricity to rural areas. Through the UBS Optimus Foundation, UBS clients have the opportunity to improve the survival rates of mothers and babies by donating to We Care Solar. Find out how we're helping save lives.

Protecting human rights:
Sam Gregory

Sam Gregory helps protect human rights, as program director of WITNESS. The organization has trained over 7,000 people in filming and production, and reached 260 million more with materials and videos. See how WITNESS is safeguarding people worldwide.

"I have seen many times the power of video in the hands of courageous people who fight for the truth."

Sam Gregory

Leading by example:
Muna AbuSulayman

If time travel was possible, what would you say to the younger you? Muna AbuSulayman, media personality, activist and philanthropist, has some inspiring words about giving back, educating young people, and staying true to yourself.

Accelerate progress:
Yann Borgstedt

Swiss entrepreneur and member of our Global Philanthropists Community Yann Borgstedt is the founder of The Womanity Foundation, which has helped empower thousands of women and girls through innovative solutions. Find out how he’s advocating for gender equality.

Inspiring future leaders:
Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is a world-famous former tennis professional and pioneer for social justice. In 2014, she founded the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, which aims to achieve inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. 

The power of stories:
Alli McCartney

Girl Rising is changing the way the world values and invests in girls. How? By using the power of stories to inspire girls to attend and stay in school, and see a brighter future for themselves. The non-profit organization also encourages parents, teachers, brothers and community leaders to break the barriers that hold girls back. Alli from UBS joined Girl Rising’s board of trustees in 2017 and is one of the founding members.

Today, 130 million girls are missing from classrooms. Yet, educating girls means better health, economic security, peace and stability, agricultural productivity and resilience to crisis for families, communities and entire nations.

UBS: Embracing diversity

At UBS, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Watch the videos below to discover why we believe our differences make us stronger.

Difference is our differentiator

"We embrace diversity from the top of our organization," says UBS Group CEO Sergio P. Ermotti.

"My life is about campaigning for equality."

Carolanne Minashi, UBS Global Head Diversity and Inclusion, talks about how it's all about fair treatment for everyone.