Will my children follow in my footsteps?

Or follow their own path?
How do I plan for their future?

In search of inspiring answers to life’s great questions, we speak with retired hedge fund manager Charlene Wang. After 30 years on Wall Street, she’s preparing for the next stage of her life. Watch this episode about inheritance and preparing your children to follow their own path.


I think you need to be open to all the unexpected things that might happen to you and to have a child’s wonder. To not have something set in your mind.

Charlene Wang
Retired hedge fund manager

Planning for your children’s future

You can’t predict your children’s future, but you can prepare for it. We’re here to help.

Following your footsteps

Will your children follow your path or take their own? We’re there, whatever journey they choose.

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Wealth Management

Let’s explore more about planning for your future (and that of your children).

Giving while living

In our Investor Watch report, 'Begin before the end', we asked 2,8882 U.S. investors how they would prefer to pass on their wealth to their heirs.

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