Will I be remembered?

How can I give back? What will be the impact?

"It's a very beautiful journey. Once you have the vision of change you want, everything else is simple"

Gabriela Enrigue González
Philanthropist and social entrepreneur

Wealth comes with responsibility. By donating money, you can improve lives. But your skills and experience are valuable too.

Whether you’d prefer to be directly involved or stay behind the scenes, we can help make your philanthropy both personal and rewarding. Meaning your involvement will reflect your values and aim to have lasting impact.

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Together we can find an answer There’s an approach to philanthropy that suits you

We can help you to bring your philanthropic ambitions to life – from forming a vision all the way through to implementing it.


Get involved or stay behind the scenes. Either way, we can help you achieve your charitable vision and make the most of your gifts.

Not sure where to start?

The UBS Philanthropy Compass helps people decide in which direction they want to focus their efforts. If you’re not ready to talk to an advisor, this is a useful first step.

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