Will I be missed when I step back?

Are my children the right ones to succeed me? Should I look outside the family?

"When one starts out in a family business, it‘s daunting. I thought: one day I‘m going to have to manage this, could I do it?"

Robert Ettinger
Managing Director of Ettinger

The business you built from scratch is your passion, and walking away from it can be hard. Our succession planning services can help you make the right decisions.

We can offer guidance on how best to structure the transfer, and show you how to stay involved (if you want). Whoever you decide to hand over the reins to, you’ll still feel in total control of your finances and your legacy.

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Together we can find an answer Handing over the reins doesn’t have to be hard

Whether you choose to hand the business to a family member, someone within it, or even cash out, we can discuss the options so you feel good about your decision.

Succession planning

Our specialists will provide you with the essential information to help ensure that your assets are passed on at the right time, into the right hands, in the way you want.


Succession planning has big implications for a company's fortunes, but it's often overlooked.

39% of companies couldn't immediately appoint a new CEO


Source: 2014 Report on Senior Executive Succession Planning and Talent Development ID & Standard Graduate School 2014

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