What will I be doing in 30 years?

Will I ever slow down? Do I have the right plans in place?

"I see my clients happily working past retirement age. So I wonder, when will I want to slow down?"

Sam Powers
Managing Director,
UBS Investment Bank

Life in later years is changing. You may want to remain hands on. Take a step back. Or pursue other passions.

As time goes by, you might need to reconsider your financial plan. Through careful investment strategies, we can work together to navigate whatever the future holds.

See how UBS can help

Together we can find an answer Staying active and living longer

Travel the world or get involved in new ventures. However you see life panning out, you want a wealth plan that won’t have you worrying about your money running out.

Planning for a long life

You may be saving for when you’re older, or already enjoying the benefits of your hard work. Either way, you want a financial plan flexible enough to change as your life does.


Why should I retire?

The idea of old age has shifted as people are living longer. Hear how views are changing around the world in Monocle’s retirement age edition of The Bulletin with UBS.

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What’s the right answer for you?

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