Should I start my own business?

Would it be successful? How could I protect my vision?

"Everybody who starts a business is always worried. You’re nervous but excited too"

Nancy Margried

Starting out on your own is exciting. But you need to think ahead.

Funding the business yourself gives you control, but might put pressure on your personal finances. Involving investors could compromise your vision. We can help you find a balanced approach that's right for you.

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Together we can find an answer Ambition requires the right backing

The first step you take as an entrepreneur can often feel the most daunting. One of the many aspects you need to consider when you start out is how to fund your company.

Financial planning

Don’t leave your business’s success to chance. Whether you need to explore funding options, or plan your next growth phase, our specialists can help guide you in the right direction.

A company founder’s own personal savings are a significant source of funding for the majority of businesses. To grow your business, we can help you stay ahead with the latest trends.

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In the monthly Investor Forum, leading market players challenge the UBS House View.

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