How do we pass on our values?

Will our money make our children’s lives easier? Or too easy?

"For my son, I will teach him to care about his own environment. Even the small things, a book, a pencil. He has to know the value."

Vivi Lau,
Entrepreneurenvironmentalist & mother

Being wealthy can have its benefits, and its challenges too. You’d like your children to have the best opportunities. And inherit your determination and drive. How do you get the balance right?

We can help you pass on something even more precious. Your values. (We've been helping families for more than 150 years).

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Together we can find an answer The right plan helps your successor to succeed

Feel confident that what you’ve built continues to grow when it passes to the next generation.

Succession Planning

You want the next generation to have enough to do anything, but not so much they do nothing. Our specialists can help you pass on some of your values when you hand over your life’s work.

"We have a program for young successors who may be planning to get involved with the family business.

We help them by providing tools, techniques, and guidance on leadership. We also engage a panel of external experts so it’s not UBS pitching UBS. It’s education about life.”

Alison Anson
Head of UBS Dialogue

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