Can I truly make a difference?

Should I invest in the world I'm in? Or the one I want?

"Sustainable investing is about making a change for a better future. And it's also about the returns it can generate"

Paul Simon
Impact investor and philanthropist

We think it's possible to do good and still do well. Together we can explore new and innovative ways of creating lasting, positive change.

This could include sustainably invested portfolios that upload your values while seeking to grow your assets. The right investments can help make a difference on the environment and society.

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Together we can find an answer Match your investments to your values

Our clients increasingly want growth, but not at a cost to society or the environment. So UBS is leading the way.

Sustainable investing

Interested in more than just returns? Our team can help with responsible and ethical investment decisions that respect your values.

The why, what and how of sustainable investing

This useful report gives reasons to get involved, presents three building blocks for an investment strategy, and considers how to apply them to portfolios.

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