Am I a good father?

Do I spend too much time at work? Can I have it all?

"If you're looking for the next client, the next customer, it's very difficult to do that sitting at home. So you're not often there for bedtime"

David Coulthard
Former F1 driver and businessman

Dedicating more time to your loved ones can feel like you’re compromising the work you’re passionate about. Striking the right balance isn’t easy, but it is possible.

We can offer wealth management guidance to help you plan for the future, and provide the life you want for your loved ones. So you enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Together we can find an answer A strong financial plan can help buy more family time

You work hard to provide for your family. We work hard at getting your money to work for you.

Wealth planning

Our wealth planning service helps you plan for your family’s future, and the lifestyle you want to enjoy. It takes on the job of making your money work harder, so you can focus on what you want: more quality time with the people who matter to you.

When asked, millionaires said their biggest regret is the time they’ve missed with family.

Yet 63% of millionaires with children at home believe a setback, like a market crash or job loss, would have a major impact on their lifestyle. So they keep working.

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